Visit + Revisit Craft-Along

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I am very excited to announce our first craft-along for the Crafty Princess Diaries Blog/Podcast group on Ravelry. It starton on 1/15/15 and end on 2/28/15.

Ravelry group members are invited to “revisit” a previous craft they have tried before and stopped doing for whatever reason and/or “visit” a new craft or project they have never tried before. For example, if you used to spin but haven’t for years, “revisit” it by picking up the roving again and give it a go. If you have been thinking of trying a new craft, like cross stitch, “visit” it by trying it for the first time.

The official thread for the craft-along is linked here, and we have a chatter thread as well.  Participants will start their own post in the official thread and share what they are planning, working on, and how their “revisit” or “visit” is generally going.

Post pictures! Tell us what inspired you. Journal your experiences with us. Keep adding to your own post in the thread as we craft-along together throughout the rest of this month and February 2015 as well.
Finished objects are not required. In this craft-along it’s the process, not the product, that we will be sharing!

I will randomly pick someone at the end of the craft-along who will win a $5 Ravelry giftable pattern.

Retro Crochet Hair Bun Holders Discovered

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While I’ve been on vacation, I have been doing some major spring cleaning around here. I’m finding all kinds of stuff, things that I am not sure why I kept, things that I haven’t been small enough to wear in 20 years, things that I can’t even remember where they came from! One of my recent discoveries was hidden under the bathroom sink along with a zillion bobby pins. I’m not sure what the official name is for this, but I’m calling it a hair bun holder.

Many, many years ago when I was much younger, I danced pretty regularly, even through most of my college years. I mainly studied ballet, jazz, and tap. I even toyed with the idea of getting a dance degree, but that would have meant going away to a strict religious school way out west where it is super cold, not my bag to say the least. Plus, after working a few seasons for “The Mouse” I knew that I didn’t have the drive to dance professionally.

I have always had long hair, and it’s very fine. Back then, it was super duper long. I could almost sit on it. So to get it up in a bun for ballet was a major effort. These bun holders really helped, and I crocheted them myself. I can’t find the book right now. Hopefully, it will turn up as I continue to cull through the mass of “things” we have around here, but I know it was probably published in the late 60s or early 70s. I made a number of items from it, but these were my favorite because they were so functional.

I washed them in hopes that they’d wouldn’t look so shabby, but that didn’t help much. Mind you; these have to be at least 20+ years old, so I think they have done their duty and are ready for the trash, but I just wanted to share a moment of nostalgia.

Berry and Cream Baby Aghan Finished!

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The granny square baby afghan I started a while back using Bernat Baby Jacquards in berry and cream is done! I trimmed it with a single crochet edging using left over Vanna’s Baby yarn from a previous blanket I made. I ended up using two skeins for the berry and cream, and the finished afghan is about 30×30 inches.

I like how this turned out, and plan to make another only with some slight changes. I’m going to go up a size from an F hook to a G hook. And I am going to make it bigger, using three skeins and see how large the finished baby afghan is. 30 inches is about as small as I like to go unless you are talking about premie blankets, which are tiny.

Easter Retro Memories

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I’m going through the way back machine today. This is a photo of my two sisters and me (I’m in the center) dressed up for some kind of occasion. I am thinking it might be Easter, but it’s actually hard to say for sure since normally we had matching dresses for Easter Sunday (stitched by mom, of course). However, I do remember that my mother sewed my dress and my little sister’s, and she altered my older sister’s dress, turning it into a mini dress versus the maxi length it originally was.

I don’t know if you can make out some of my mother’s other crafty projects to the right. On the wall is a framed picture of a flower arrangement made of felt pieces. Dangling from the ceiling in front and to the right a little is a faux-bird cage made with yellow pipe cleaners and feathers. Don’t you just love the 1970s for crazy crafts?

Here is wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter holiday!

Crafting for Critters

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I posted this photo in one of my Facebook albums but thought it would be fun to share here as well. After taking this picture of “THE” most comfortable cat in the whole wide world, I realized that he is lounging on items that I made a long time ago.

The blue crocheted blanket and the pinkish one across from him were afghans that sort of ran amok. The pillow in the center I also made. I purchased the pillow insert from a fabric store, and I used a pillow case, cut it down to fit around this smaller insert, and stitched it closed. Additionally, the curtains behind him (which I need to replace with new ones) were a sheet that I cut to fit the window and added a casing at the top to fit over a push rod.

As you can see, they all make for a very comfortable spot in front of a window. It feels good to be appreciated.

Packing Up the Glass

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I spent a good part of the day packing up all my glass equipment and supplies to get shipped out tomorrow. Some of the non-breakable items I packed myself, and the rest I’m going to haul over to a pak mail place down the road to get it done professionally.

As I went through the mess of tools and glass out in my garage, I started to remember how much fun I used to have making jewelry components (such as the glass cabs I have pictured which are also for sale in my Etsy shop now, hint…hint), bowls, and plates. I would spend hours out there, and the time would go by like it was only a few minutes. I actually hesitated for a few minutes and asked myself if I was really sure about selling off all of this stuff. But, considering I haven’t touch any of it in years and our garage looks like a bomb hit it and it’s all I can do to crawl over all the crap out there to actually get to my glass equipment, I know this is the right decision. Plus, I’m actually kind of excited about passing it onto another artist who is going to have a new experience working with glass.

Actually, it’s sort of what I do, experiment with lots of different media. Some I stick with; some I don’t. However, all of them are enjoyable learning experiences, and I think worth my time because if I have gained some knowledge from on craft, I usually find that it will help me in other craft areas later on. If nothing else, I learn to appreciate the work that goes into items like lampwork beads and fused glass pendants.

So I’m not going to apologize for not sticking with one, and only one, craft. I am a crafting explorer. I spent a few years exploring glass, and now it’s time to move on.

Stocking Stuffers for the Fiber Lover

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I discovered these peppermint faux candy tape measures on Lantern Moon. They have some other cute tape measures similar to these like a little cake, a bee, and a sheep. Most of them go for about $10, not including shipping. I think of these of stocking stuffers, but they would also make nice little gifts for fellow crafting friends who you want to give something to that is not super expensive (aren’t we all counting our pennies these days?), that is practical, and that also fits in with their craft of choice.

It looks like most of the company’s products are imported, so I was a little put off by this, but then I read their philosophy on the About page, and I feel a little better:

We believe that we can learn and share a great deal with the communities in which we are involved. We pay fair wages and audit our suppliers to be sure that health and safety are maintained in the production of a Lantern Moon product. Many of the cultures where we work find are accustomed to dangers, disease and illness. We aspire, through our work with these communities to strengthen individuals and communities.

Of course, the way things are going in the US lately, I am going to look around Etsy and see if i can find anything similar.

Blast Crafts from the Past

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I’ve had the itch to work with fibers again lately and have been pulling out my macramé supplies and brushing up on my knotting skills. Macrame was really where my jewelry making roots began back in the 70s, and I still enjoy it for a few reasons:

  • It’s a real “hands-on” craft, not many gadgets needed;
  • The supplies are minimal and inexpensive;
  • And it provides a way to make more components of the finished piece.

Of course, it always brings up nostalgic feelings as I remember knotting a monster plant hanger in my 9th grade arts and crafts class and the cool chokers we all had to wear with our puka beads. I also started pulling out my few macramé books. There still aren’t that many out there today, and I happen to be lucky to have a few classics that I’ve stumbled upon through the years and kept. I remembered, too, that we used to have a couple of them when I lived with my folks. So, I asked my mom to see if she still had any around.

Now, I knew this was a big gamble because my mom is not exactly the sentimental type when it comes to inanimate objects, but she looked and while she didn’t find any knotting books, she did discover a stash of old craft books and magazines like this 1974 Women’s Circle magazine.

What a find! And here is an actual crafts project that I remember doing as a kid. This felt owl refrigerator magnet was a permanent fixture on our fridge for years!

More than the craft projects, though, flipping through the pages and reading some of the articles and ads was a major reminder of how different women’s lives are today, and heck, men’s as well. For example, there are pages and pages of stuff about finding pen pals with people writing in and asking for one as well as giving their home address. There are even pictures of some of the pen pal seekers. In today’s security conscious world, we just would never do that! Need a pen pal? Go to MySpace!

Of course, some of it is also surprisingly similar to what you see in magazines today like an ad that says, “Lose 10 lbs in 10 Days!” or “Women…Start profitable and rewarding hobby-career at home.” Oh, and here’s an ad you have got to love.

I’m still on the lookout for old macramé books and other craft-related books. I found a few gems among the small stack of leftover craft books that my mom still had, but most of what she had – for whatever reason why of all the cool craft stuff she happened to keep these of all things – were t-shirt decorating books. Yes, i did that too, but I don’t feel the urge to do it again!

I have more “crafts from the past” to share with you and have a blog category now for it. So, stay tuned, and feel free to add comments about your own craft blast from the past. I’d even like to see other bloggers post about this topic.